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UPSC Mains 2022

Discuss the types of organised crimes. Describe the linkages between terrorists and organised crime that exist at the national and transnational levels.

General Studies Paper - 3, Topic: Organised Crimes and Terrorism

Dec 30, 2022

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Organized crime refers to criminal activities that are planned and carried out by groups or networks of individuals. These groups often have a hierarchical structure and are involved in activities such as money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, and corruption.


There are several different types of organized crime, including:


1. Traditional organized crime: This type of organized crime is often associated with specific ethnic or cultural groups and is often involved in activities such as gambling, loan sharking, and protection rackets.


2. Cybercrime: This type of organized crime involves the use of computers and the internet to commit crimes such as identity theft, fraud, and intellectual property theft.


3. Narcotics trafficking: This type of organized crime involves the production, distribution, and sale of illegal drugs.


4. Human trafficking: This type of organized crime involves the recruitment, transportation, and exploitation of people for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation.


There is often a link between terrorists and organized crime at both the national and transnational levels. Terrorist groups may engage in organized crime as a way to fund their operations and activities. In some cases, terrorist groups may also use organized crime networks to smuggle weapons and other resources across borders.


At the transnational level, organized crime groups may also provide support to terrorist groups by providing them with weapons, funding, or other resources. In some cases, these organized crime groups may have connections to corrupt government officials or other influential figures, which can help facilitate the activities of terrorist groups.

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