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IAS Ke Liye Konsi Degree Chahiye?

Wondering which degree is required for IAS? Discover the answer in this blog, where we explain which bachelor's degree is eligible. Emphasizing the importance of General Studies, we provide valuable insights for aspiring IAS officers.

Jun 12, 2023

3 min read

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a prestigious civil service that many individuals aspire to build their careers in. To succeed in this service, you need a recognized degree. In this blog, we will discuss which degree is required for IAS and provide you with the accurate information.


1. Understanding the Eligibility Criteria:

Before delving into the specific degree requirements, let's first understand the basic eligibility criteria for appearing in the IAS examination. To be eligible, you must:




- Be a citizen of India.
- Have completed 21 years of age.
- Possess a bachelor's degree from a recognized university.


2. Any Recognized Bachelor's Degree:


When it comes to the specific degree required for IAS, there is no predetermined or exclusive discipline mentioned in the official notification. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), which conducts the IAS examination, does not prescribe any specific degree.


This means that individuals from any academic background can aspire to become an IAS officer. Whether you have a degree in engineering, medicine, commerce, arts, science, or any other field, you are eligible to appear for the IAS exam.


3. Importance of General Studies:


While the UPSC does not specify a particular degree, it does emphasize the significance of General Studies in the IAS examination. General Studies encompasses various subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology, Environment, and Current Affairs.


Having a well-rounded understanding of these subjects is crucial for cracking the IAS examination. Therefore, regardless of your chosen degree, it is essential to focus on developing a strong foundation in General Studies.


4. Optional Subject Selection:


In addition to the General Studies papers, the IAS Main examination includes an optional subject paper. Here, you can choose a subject of your interest from a list provided by the UPSC. The optional subject can be from any discipline, such as History, Geography, Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, and more.


It is advisable to select an optional subject that aligns with your educational background or holds your interest, as it can enhance your overall performance in the examination.


5. Importance of Knowledge and Preparation:


While the specific degree is not a deciding factor for eligibility in the IAS examination, having a strong educational foundation can undoubtedly provide you with an edge in terms of understanding complex concepts and developing analytical and critical thinking skills.


Additionally, effective preparation plays a crucial role in cracking the IAS examination. It involves comprehensive reading, staying updated with current affairs, practicing mock tests, and developing excellent writing and communication skills.




In conclusion, there is no specific degree required for IAS. As long as you hold a recognized bachelor's degree from any discipline, you are eligible to appear for the IAS examination. However, focusing on General Studies and choosing an optional subject aligned with your interests can significantly contribute to your success in the examination. Remember, knowledge, dedication, and diligent preparation are the key factors that will ultimately determine your journey towards becoming an IAS officer.


So, if you have the passion, determination, and willingness to serve the nation, start preparing for the IAS examination today, regardless of your degree background. Good luck!

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