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UPSC Mains 2022

India is an age-old friend of Sri Lanka.’ Discuss India’s role in the recent crisis in Sri Lanka in the light of the preceding statement.

General Studies Paper - 2, Topic - International Relations

Dec 29, 2022

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India and Sri Lanka have a long history of cultural, economic, and political ties, and India has traditionally played an important role in the regional affairs of Sri Lanka. In recent years, India has supported Sri Lanka in various ways, including through development assistance, capacity building, and security cooperation.




In the wake of the recent crisis in Sri Lanka, India has played a proactive role in trying to support the country and help it address the challenges it is facing. Some of the ways in which India has supported Sri Lanka in the recent crisis are:


1. Providing humanitarian assistance: India has provided humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka in the form of food, medical supplies, and other essential items to help the country deal with the impact of the crisis.


2. Offering medical and technical assistance: India has offered medical and technical assistance to Sri Lanka, including the deployment of a team of medical experts to provide guidance and support to the Sri Lankan authorities.


3. Supporting efforts to restore normalcy: India has supported Sri Lanka's efforts to restore normalcy and promote reconciliation following the crisis. This includes providing technical assistance and capacity building support to help Sri Lanka rebuild and recover from the crisis.


Overall, India's role in the recent crisis in Sri Lanka demonstrates the close and longstanding relationship between the two countries, and India's commitment to supporting its neighbor in times of need.

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