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Ishita Kishore Biography, Age, State, Qualification, Strategy

Discover the inspiring story of Ishita Kishore, the 2022 UPSC Civil Services Examination topper. Learn about her background, educational qualifications, and strategy for success. Get valuable tips and insights for aspiring UPSC candidates to excel in their preparation.

Jun 19, 2023

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Ishita Kishore UPSC Topper 2022

Ishita Kishore, the UPSC 2022 topper, achieved a remarkable feat by securing the first rank in her third attempt. Born to an Air Force officer and a private school teacher, Ishita's journey to success is an inspiration for all aspiring civil servants.




UPSC Result 2022: Ishita Kishore's Triumph

In the highly competitive UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022, Ishita Kishore emerged as the top achiever. Having graduated from Delhi University's prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) with a degree in economics, Ishita's academic background played a crucial role in her achievement.


Ishita Kishore's Profile:

Name: Ishita Kishore
Graduation: Delhi University's Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)
Exam Cleared: UPSC Civil Services Examination
Rank: 1st Rank
Attempts: 3rd Attempt
Optional Subject: Political Science and International Relations


Ishita Kishore's Strategy and Tips:

Ishita Kishore's success in the UPSC examination was the result of her consistent dedication and disciplined preparation. With a study routine of 8-9 hours daily, she emphasizes the importance of rigorous and serious preparation for aspiring civil servants. She also advocates for consistent self-evaluation and periodic review of study plans.


Ishita Kishore's Background:

Hailing from Begumpet, Hyderabad, Ishita Kishore spent her formative years in Bihar before moving to Delhi for her college education. Raised in a family with an Air Force background, she developed a strong work ethic and determination to excel.


Ishita Kishore's Father:

Ishita's father, Wing Commander Sanjay Kishore, served in the Indian Air Force and has been a source of constant support throughout her journey.


Ishita Kishore's Coaching and UPSC Strategy:

To prepare for the UPSC examination, Ishita dedicated 40 to 45 hours per week to her studies. She highlights the significance of consistency and discipline in the preparation process. As an aspiring IAS officer, she aims to contribute to women's empowerment.


Ishita Kishore's Tips for UPSC Aspirants:

Ishita advises aspiring UPSC candidates to put in the necessary hours and effort to succeed in the examination. Rigorous preparation, consistency, and periodic evaluation of study plans are essential for cracking the civil services exam. Her journey serves as an inspiration for those pursuing their dreams in the challenging field of civil services.

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