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UPSC Mains 2021

Mention the global occurrence of volcanic eruptions in 2021 and their impact on regional environment.

General Studies Paper - 1, Topic: Volcanic Eruptions and Environment

Jan 12, 2023

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In 2021, there have been several notable volcanic eruptions around the world. In January, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted, causing ashfall and lava flows in nearby communities. In March, the Merapi volcano in Indonesia erupted, causing ashfall and evacuations in nearby villages. In April, the Taal volcano in the Philippines erupted, causing ashfall and evacuations in the surrounding area. In addition, there were several eruptions of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii and ongoing activity at the Sakurajima volcano in Japan.




The impact of these eruptions on the regional environment has varied. Ashfall from the eruptions can cause damage to crops and infrastructure, and can also disrupt air travel. Lava flows can destroy homes and infrastructure, and can also lead to the formation of new land. Volcanic ash can also have a significant impact on human health, causing respiratory issues and other problems. In addition, volcanic eruptions can lead to changes in the local climate, such as increased rainfall or cooler temperatures. Overall, volcanic eruptions can have a significant impact on the people and communities living near the volcano, and can also have broader effects on the regional and global environment.

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