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Nari Adalat - UPSC Current Affairs

The Union Government is implementing naari adalat (women's courts) led by women's collectives to resolve petty disputes and promote gender justice at the gram panchayat level, as part of the Mission Shakti scheme. No remuneration for members, but expenses covered.

Jan 28, 2023

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The Union Government is taking strides towards empowering women and promoting gender justice by introducing "naari adalat" (women's courts) throughout the country. These courts will be led by women's collectives and will serve as a new mechanism for resolving disputes at the local level, specifically petty issues such as harassment or infringement of rights.




The program is a part of the Mission Shakti umbrella scheme, which is overseen by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and includes various sub-schemes aimed at enhancing the safety and empowerment of women.


Initially, the program will be implemented in select states and union territories, with a focus on districts where women hold leadership positions in the local government. The first year of the program will be dedicated to raising awareness about legal rights and constitutional entitlements among women, while the second year will focus on establishing formal collectives of seven to eleven women to address socio-economic and cultural issues.


It should be noted that the members of these collectives will not receive any form of remuneration, however, they will be provided with some out-of-pocket expenses for meetings and uniforms, and logistical support will be extended through the local government in collaboration with the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Ministry of Rural Development.


This move is a significant step towards achieving gender justice and addressing the concerns of women in rural India, and it is expected to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women at the grassroots level.


Based on a report in The Hindu titled 'Naari adalat to be set up in a phased manner'.

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