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Panamaram heronry in Kerala

Panamaram heronry is a breeding ground of herons located on the banks of River Panamaram, a tributary of Kabini, in Wayanad district of Kerala.

Nov 16, 2022

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List of contents in this explainer about Panamaram heronry in Kerala

1.What is heronry?
2.Panamaram heronry
3.Panamaram river
4.Kabini river
5.Waterfowls found in Panamaram heronry
6.Prelims questions
7.Mains question


What is heronry?

Heronry is a breeding ground for herons. They typically breed on a group of trees. An example of heronry in India is Kaggaladu Heronry in Tumakuru district of Karnataka.

Panamaram heronry

Panamaram heronry is located on the sand banks of the Panamaram river in Wayanad district of Kerala's Malabar region.

Panamaram river

Panamaram river joins the Kabini river at Koodalkadavu village near Payyampally in Wayanad district of Kerala.

Kabini river

River Kabini is a tributary of river Kaveri. River Kabini joins river Kaveri at Tirumakudalu Narasipura in Karnataka.

Waterfowls found in Panamaram heronry


1. Black-Headed Ibis

2. Purple Heron

3. Great Egret

4. Median Egret

5. Little Egret

6. Pond Heron

7. Black-Crowned Night Heron

8. Little Cormorant

9. Cattle Egret

10. Whistling Duck

11. Jacanas

12. Moor




Prelims Questions


1. The Panamaram heronry, the breeding ground of herons, is located in the state of 

Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
2. Kaggaladu heronry, the breeding ground of herons, is located in the state of 
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
3. Panamaram river is a tributary of 
4. River Kabini is a tributary of 
Mains Question
1. Human intervention has left a negative impact on the avian habitat in India. Explain with the help of suitable examples.

Reference/Image : Panamaram heronry set to get a new lease of life by E.M Manoj, The Hindu / Purple Heron, Creative Commons, Wikipedia


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