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UPSC Mains 2022

The Gati-Shakti Yojana needs meticulous coordination between the government and the private sector to achieve the goal of connectivity. Discuss.

General Studies Paper - 2, Topic - PM Gatishakti

Dec 29, 2022

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The Gati-Shakti Yojana is a proposed scheme in India that aims to improve connectivity in the country through the development of a comprehensive transportation network. This includes the development of new roads, highways, ports, airports, and other infrastructure to improve connectivity between different parts of the country.




To achieve the goal of connectivity through the Gati-Shakti Yojana, it is essential to have meticulous coordination between the government and the private sector. The government can play a crucial role in providing the necessary policy and regulatory framework, as well as financial support and incentives, to encourage private sector participation in the development of the transportation network.


At the same time, the private sector can bring in the necessary expertise, technology, and resources to support the development and management of the transportation network. This can include the construction and maintenance of roads and other infrastructure, as well as the operation of transportation services such as buses, trucks, and shipping.


Effective coordination between the government and the private sector can help to ensure that the Gati-Shakti Yojana is implemented efficiently and effectively, and that it achieves its goal of improving connectivity in the country.

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