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UPSC Prelims 2023

Who among the following rulers of medieval Gujarat surrendered Diu to Portuguese?

Prelims General Studies Paper - 1

Jun 10, 2023

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Who among the following rulers of medieval Gujarat surrendered Diu to Portuguese?


A. Ahmad Shah

B. Mahmud Begarha

C. Bahadur Shah

D. Muhammad Shah






The correct answer is C. Bahadur Shah


Bahadur Shah (r. 1526), the ruler of medieval Gujarat, was the one who surrendered Diu to the Portuguese. Diu, a strategic coastal town, was an important port and held significant economic and military value. Bahadur Shah's decision to surrender Diu to the Portuguese was a pivotal moment in the history of Gujarat and had far-reaching consequences.


During the siege of Mandu by the Mughals, a Portuguese fleet led by Nuno da Cunha arrived near Shiyal Bet island on February 7, 1531. They captured the island and began bombarding Diu on February 16, but couldn't cause much damage to its fortification. Nuno da Cunha left for Goa on March 1, 1531, while a subordinate officer destroyed several towns.


As Gujarat fell to the Mughals, Bahadur Shah sought the alliance of the Portuguese. On December 23, 1534, he signed the Treaty of Bassein, granting the Portuguese control over Bassein, Daman, Bombay islands, and the right to build a factory in Diu. However, Bahadur later regretted his alliance and tried to convince a Portuguese army to leave. When they arrived in Diu in February 1537, Bahadur plotted against them but was attacked and killed by the Portuguese. This led to the permanent occupation of Diu by the Portuguese until 1961, following the 1538 Siege of Diu.

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