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UPSC Mains 2022

Write short notes on the following in 30 words each 1. Constitutional morality 2. Conflict of interest 3. Probity in public life 4. Challenges of digitalization 5. Devotion to duty

General Studies Paper - 4, Topic - Terminologies

Jan 06, 2023

1 min read

1. Constitutional morality refers to the adherence to the principles and values laid out in a country's constitution, including respect for individual rights and the rule of law.


2. Conflict of interest refers to a situation in which a person's personal interests or loyalties may influence their professional judgment or actions.


3. Probity in public life refers to honesty, integrity, and uprightness in the conduct of public affairs.


4. The challenges of digitalization refer to the various ways in which the increasing use of digital technology is transforming society and the potential impacts on individuals, organizations, and systems.


5. Devotion to duty refers to a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to fulfilling one's obligations and tasks, especially in a professional or public service role.

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